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We started with a clear vision: to raise the standards for safe, respectful and high-quality use. We are a mission driven brand created together with thousands of explorers across the globe to protect and pay tribute.

created by the community

How it started

When our first sketches went viral on Reddit, we started to build email newsletter and gathered input from thousands of people worldwide on how to create the ultimate tribute to the spirit molecule.

Fully Co-created

Design process

During COVID we quit our jobs to fully focus on this mission. We spoke to hundreds of people via Zoomcalls and sent out massive surveys to make something truly built by and for the community. We decided on the design, impact, sustainability aspects, and much more.

perservering through


We finished our designs and built the first products by taking on pre-orders, subsidizing the rest of the cost from our own savings. Kickstarter, Facebook, and other platforms had strict policies that blocked us from crowdfunding. So we took on preorders and fought countless battles to get our word out in a weird world where people still go to jail for their own medicine.

In the meantime, we were able to get feedback on our box from the likes of Duncan Trussell, Aubrey Marcus, and work with amazing artists like Desert Dwellers, Luis Tamani, Geenss Archenti, and many more.

Work in progress

the ceremonybox

Despite the challenges first products are a raging success, and we were sold out by word-of-mouth before you know it. We're continuing our journey out of passion and mission, talking to scientists, researchers, jungle tribe leaders, and hundreds of explorers - to decide on our next project: the ceremonybox.

We flew to Guatemala to seek alliance with FungiAcademy and local Mayan tribe leaders, talked to Rick Doblin (MAPS), Paul Stamets (Fantastic Fung), Rick Strassman, and many other beautiful souls to hear their perspective on the project. We'll take all these impressions and continue building our latest tribute.

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our impact

Our products sponsor mind altering science, education, and conservation projects.

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Thank you for your input

Portier is founded in Amsterdam, but operating worldwide with input from dedicated explorers, reserachers, harm-reduction experts, visionary artists, and even remote tribe leaders across continents.

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