Thanks for taking the time to read about us. We are Koen and Sebastian, two friends and creatives from Amsterdam. We believe tea use should be held up to the highest standard.

Koen designed a small prototype for a box that would optimise for correct use of certain kinds of tea for personal healing, exploration, and growth. When he posted it on Reddit, his inbox blew up with people wanting to have one. This is when he asked trusted friend Sebastian to join in order to make something beautiful together.

These natural technologies have been used for thousands of years to explore the absolute frontiers of the human potential. We believe they should be received with the greatest levels of respect, quality, and care. Current research is slowly but surely validating the common perception amongst users in the tea scene, that tea contains an extraordinary potential to collectively and individually generate positive growth and healing. Positive and life changing experiences are often achieved with cheap tools and improper guidance. Wrong decisions can result in poor experiences. We believe that providing high quality information, tools, and a comforting 'set & setting' is vital.

We see a growing need for serious first startups in this realm to be created by & for the tea community. Brands with the heart in the right place and a shared mission with the tea scene. Important ingredients should be honesty, care, and co-creation. Sebastian spent significant time supporting an NGO that protects ancient use of shamanic tea in Ecuador. Koen, a creative solo entrepreneur, has assisted tea startups, research initiatives, harm reduction campaigns, and professional tea retreats with his creative work.

We call our new brand "Portier", a play on the words "frontier" and "portal". It's also Dutch and French for 'gatekeeper'. Our mission is large, but we're starting small from our creative HQ in Amsterdam. We invite you to keep up to date with our endeavour by subscribing to our newsletter.

Safe travels.

Sebastian & Koen


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