Setting the New Standard for Psychedelics Use

We're giving psychedelics the most beautiful places they deserve. We build premium tools to honor their use, and optimally support your safe and respectful use for the improvement of your mental health.


Respecting our Plant Teachers

In our eyes, psychedelics deserve the highest amount of reverence. They have been used for thousands of years to explore the frontiers of human potential and for many, they have changed lives for the better. Current-day research validates a tremendous potential for positive growth and healing.

We believe it's time for a psychedelics business with the heart in the right place. Built by and for the diverse psychedelic community. Together, we push the boundaries on what psychedelic tools look like.

That is why we build psychedelic tools for dedicated explorers, believing that psychedelics can bring forth beautiful experiences in a safe way when used correctly. In our eyes, in this 21st century, we can bring scientific information together with the spiritual sacred aspects of these tools - and show the world how beautiful the respectful use of psychedelics can be. 

It's time to change the status quo. The world is ready.


Safe, Sacred Ceremonies

In our early days we asked 'Why isn't a psychedelic ceremony more like a Japanese tea ceremony?' With an eye for high quality, respectful use. Because in our eyes, the improper use of psychedelics starts with putting them in a shoebox in your closet. 

Rituals are vital for creating an optimal set & setting. By making practical homages we recognize their potential benefits and pay tribute to traditional use, in a modern way.

We work closely with the larger psychedelic community to put forth beautiful boxes that optimize the journeys for the user, from intention to integration. With crystal clear guidance, tools, and free access to a support network. Together with you we continuously create new innovative psychedelic products that facilitate safe, respectful, high-quality use of psychedelics. 

The word 'Portier' means doorman. Together, we protect psychedelics and their use around the world.  We work together with a network of psychedelics practitioners worldwide. And you are as much of an important aspect of this mission as a supporter.


Made in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the home we work from. Rooted in both science and tolerance for all sorts of cultures and traditions - also when it comes to the freedom of exploring your personal consciousness. The city has proven itself for centuries as an innovative hub where some of the world's most important inventors, philosophers, and explorers worked on innovations that impacted the world greatly. For centuries, intelligent people here have used mind-altering compounds consciously and with respect, to envision and (co-)create a better world around them.

Our own background is in the creative industry. We have professionally been active in assisting organizations like the OPEN Foundation (psychedelic research), Synthesis (legal, medically supervised psychedelic retreats), and Mainline (drugs & health education). We have worked with NGOs in Amazonian and Andean regions, protecting indigenous rights movements for pursuing traditions with plant medicines like Ayahuasca. Our mission is big, and spans the entire globe.

Safe travels.

Sebastian & Koen