Portalbook - Psychedelic Journal & Guidebook

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The Portalbook is your compact psychedelic guidebook and psychedelic journal. It offers crystal clear guidance, from intention to integration. Co-created with thousands of Psychonauts and carefully written by harm reduction experts. Because embodying the lessons is more important than the substance, the book allows you to document your lessons and experiences. Featuring 160 dotted pages - to write or sketch down your experiences.

It has in-depth info on preparing body and mind, scientific background information of various psychedelics, their history, effects, and much more. From mescaline to ketamine. Have all the information ready to guide you on your next journey.

The book features beautiful artwork from renowned visionary artists that have helped us create it. Parts of the proceeds go to further science, education, and protect indigenous rights.

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Measurements: A5

Weight: 0,3kg

  • Made¬†from vegan leather
  • 160 lightly dotted pages, perfect for journaling and sketching
  • All the information you need. From dosing and equipment to breathing exercises and grounding techniques.
  • Features sections on all common psychedelics, from psilocybin mushrooms to 5-meo DMT.
  • 1 treeūüĆ≤ will be planted for every item you buy.
  • Artwork and inspiration quotes from the likes of Ayjay Art, Luis Tamani, Cosmic Jester, Ashley Christudason, and others.
  • Interactive elements you can scan with your phone

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